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Student Culture

At Whitefield, students aren't lost in a sea of faces, overlooked or overshadowed. Here they are known by their teachers and supported by their peers.

Our culture calls students to the better path of wisdom and virtue and gives them grace to practice walking this path in supportive Christian community.  It's a welcoming culture of joy, respect, and deep engagement with others. 

Community Events

We gather to fellowship, serve, sing, and celebrate as a community of parents, students, and faculty with shared purpose.

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Upper School Life

Students are challenged to go deeper at retreats, connect through our house system, create lifelong memories on trips around the country, and begin to prepare for their next steps in life.

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Lower School Life

Students begin to explore the world, learn to serve, and develop friendships. They go on field trips, serve at nursing homes or as a Kinder reading buddies, and have fun being kids at class parties.

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Whitefield Traditions

Whether reciting Luke 2 in 1st grade, enjoying Greek Feast in 3rd grade, or delivering their Junior Homily, traditions are important milestones in the Whitefield experience.

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Honor Code

Honor Code Covenant

Whitefield Academy is a learning and worshipping community where the love of learning and the desire for God are united. I pledge cheerfully to abide by the policies of the school and to have as a rule of thought, conduct, and conversation a desire to engage in those things that are true, good, and beautiful.


7th - 12th grade students sign our honor code, pledging to be a unique and important part of our community.  

  • You matter - God has placed you as part of this community and what you do here matters
  • Your neighbor matters - Guard and protect those around you, showing them honor as valuable to you and our community
  • Your choices matter - You can choose to bless or hurt our community with your actions
  • Your sin matters - We are all broken, and we have freedom to fail and will extend patience and charity to others when they fail
  • God matters - Above all we trust and honor God, seeking to know, love, and imitate Him

The culture and families are a huge part of why we stay and why we transferred all of our children to this school.

Whitefield Parent

This is the healthiest and most supportive and Christ-centered environment of those I have experienced.

Whitefield Parent

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