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Kinder Prep & Kindergarten

The Whitefield experience provides a strong academic foundation in a screen-free classroom with caring teachers who cultivate character and inspire your child to love learning!

Katy - Kinder Prep Parent

Margi - Kinder Parent

Program Requirements

Our programs are full-day Monday through Friday. Children must be age 4 for Kinder Prep or age 5 for Kindergarten on or before July 31st.  Students are assessed for school readiness during Round-Up or by an individual evaluation using the BRIGANCE readiness assessment.

Reading in Kindergarten
Kinder Prep Girl
Kinder Class

Strong Classical Academic Foundation

Our Christ-centered classical curriculum gives children an essential foundation in phonics, literacy, mathematics, and cursive handwriting. You'll be amazed what they can learn and feel confident they are prepared for the grades ahead.

Caring Teachers

Our teachers create a joyful environment where students feel known and cared for.  We care about academics, but also social, spiritual, and emotional growth. Your children will have a routine, understand what is expected of them while still having room to move, have fun, and be a kid!

Screen-Free, Hands-On Learning

Children who learn without screens are happier and develop longer attention spans. Your children will be surrounded by books, art, music, and movement that inspires them to love learning and explore the world around them.

Ample Recess & Movement

Active kids do better in school. Your children will go on field trips, play outside two or three times each day and have regular PE classes. When it snows, they won't sit inside watching movies, they'll be out building snowmen and making memories!

Cultivating Christ-Like Character

Who children become and how they interact with others is as important as what they know. Our programs have just enough classmates to grow socially without feeling overwhelmed. Whitefield teachers will care for your child as an individual, fostering Christ-like character with understanding and grace.

Is my child ready for Kindergarten? Download our free readiness checklist!

Readiness Checklist

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Moms Dessert Night

June 13, 2024 from 6-8pm

Chat with our Enrollment Manager and meet some Whitefield moms! Dessert is on us at Billie's Grocery in Leawood.

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Learn About Aftercare

Aftercare is available for Kinder Prep through 6th grade students from 3:30-5:30pm.

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Faith & Virtues

Students memorize Bible verses and  learn 7 Virtues 

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Field Trips

Connecting classroom learning with experiential learning is a priority at Whitefield. Our students take frequent field trips around Kansas City to places such as museums, nature centers, theater performances, the pumpkin patch and much more.

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Outdoor Recess

We go outside! Lower school students go outside 2-3 times each day. On snow days students bring snow gear to enjoy the winter fun!

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Physical Education

The brain and body are interconnected. Learn why the classical approach values education through movement.

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Literature that inspires imagination and develops a love of reading. Our library is a thoughtfully curated collection of high quality literature organized using the Lexile system corresponding to student reading levels.  

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Visual Arts

Beauty that awakens wonder and fosters creative expression through sculpture, painting, drawing, printmaking, and art history.

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Choral Music

Singing that lifts the soul with songs of deep theology, rich history, and musical beauty.

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