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Meet Enrollment Manager Heidi Skinner

Meet Heidi Skinner

It’s hard to imagine we have been at Whitefield for over thirteen years! The day we toured Whitefield, we sat in the back of the kindergarten room and watched my son join the class for calendar time and prayer requests. I started crying watching the teacher pray over all the kids. I knew right then that this was something completely different than anything my children would ever experience in public school.  

I have been asked numerous times by prospective families, "What is unique about Whitefield?" Honestly, my answer has changed over the years. When we first started, it was about how the kindergarten teacher made us feel on our first day there. Over the next few years, it became the self-discipline that the teacher taught the second graders to have. Not long after that it was how closely the older students and the younger students worked together. And after my husband passed, it was how so many people were there for us in our time of need, praying for us and sending many wonderful meals.  It's truly the people that make this school so special for us!  

As my oldest heads off to college, I'm proud of the men my boys are becoming. I know it's because the teachers here have challenged them, mentored them, and cared for them since day one.  Everyone here is helping me raise my boys and it's such a blessing!

I love my role as Enrollment Manager because I get to share about this amazing school with families like you. Schedule a visit to meet with one of our Academic Deans to talk about your child's needs. I look forward to showing you around campus and letting you peek inside our classrooms. You're going to love it here!

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