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Virtues & Faith

Whitefield's classical approach cultivates love of God and Christ-like character.

At Whitefield everything we learn points students to Christ. Our teachers model genuine faith, mentoring and praying for each student as a valued part of our community and a unique individual made in the image of God.

Bible Literacy & Memorization

Whether it's Kinder Prep memorizing a verse for each phonogram or 3rd grade memorizing entire chapters of Matthew, we seek to read, understand and memorize the Bible at Whitefield.  Beyond Bible class itself, teachers point students to Christ in every area of study.

Daily Chapel

Upper school begins each day in community worship, reading scripture, singing together, being exhorted by a faculty member, and praying.  Lower school joins chapel on Tuesdays and parents are always welcome to attend.


Talking with God is a regular rhythm at Whitefield. Teachers model genuine hearts of faith, praying for and with students daily.

"At Whitefield, when teachers pray, they really mean it."  -Lower School Student

Formation First

Character formation is at the heart of classical education. Whitefield graduates walk out our doors with not only full minds, but full hearts that love what is true, good, and beautiful.

The Seven Virtues

Students memorize age appropriate definitions and Bible verses for each virtue.


Believing in God and what He says because He is true.


Desiring God and trusting we will live with Him forever.


Loving God most of all and loving others as ourselves.


Knowing and choosing what is good.


Treating God and others as we should.


Doing what is hard until the good is done.


Choose the right amount of a good thing and the right time to enjoy it.