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Physical Education

The Classical Brain - Body Connection

"The concept of the relationship between the body and the mind was significant in ancient Greek education. They appreciated the interdependency of both and did not exalt or degrade one or the other. The goal was to develop strong, sound bodies, prepared to face the manifold needs of life"

To the Greeks, "physical education was not training of the physical, but education through the medium of the physical self."

"The four cardinal virtues that comprised this balance were temperance, courage, wisdom, and justice. To each of these physical education contributed. In addition the Greeks recognized the value to the development of character and personality: poise, confidence, self-control, sportsmanship, and cooperation were virtues that the gymnastics program fostered."


Mrs. Coonrod - Physical Education

And what shall be their education? ...gymnastics for the body and music for the soul.


Kids in Gym
PE class