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Outdoor Recess

We Go Outside!

While many schools have reduced recess to once per day, Whitefield Kinder Prep and Kindergarten students enjoy at least three recess periods while 1st-3rd grade students have two recess periods and 4th-6th have at least one, often two opportunities to play outside.

Students enjoy our playground, slide, rock wall, swings, soccer field, basketball goals, four square, and a nature play area. We love that kids catch roly-polys and make imaginative fairy gardens or "restaurants" with sticks and leaves.  The creativity and made-up games are endless!

Our teachers know how fresh air and movement positively impact the ability of students to focus in the classroom and create social learning opportunities across grades.  If you stop by recess, you'll see older students assisting or graciously playing with younger students.

Upper school students in grades 7-12 spend time outside as well. They often eat lunch outside, go for walks between classes, or even have class outside on a beautiful day.

When snow rolls in, our kids aren't inside watching movies, they get to bring their snow gear to slide down the hill, build snowmen, and make the best childhood memories!

Mrs. Coonrod - Recess Monitor

Girl Swinging
Climbing Wall
Seniors Walking
Kids outside
Lunch Outside