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The Liberal Arts

Whitefield's classical approach cultivates lifelong learners that think deeply and live wisely.

The classical approach to education prioritizes how to learn (arts) rather than what to think (subjects).  At Whitefield students are given an exceptional academic foundation, preparing them for higher learning in any future area of interest. 

The Language Arts

The language arts pertain to the mind. Students learn to comprehend (Grammar), analyze (Logic) and then to synthesize (Rhetoric) texts in order to solve problems with wisdom.


The art of decoding and encoding letters, words, and ideas to create meaning.


The art of argumentation, reason, and disputation to seek truth and clarity.


The art of persuasion to promote understanding and unity.

The Mathematical Arts

The mathematical arts pertain to matter. Historically there were four mathematical arts, which in our time have been expanded to include arts such as Algebra, Trigonometry, Statistics, Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.


The art of recognizing discrete number


The art of number in time.


The art of number in space.


The art of number in time and space.