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Visual Arts

Beauty That Awakens Wonder

Through the visual arts, Whitefield students in Kinder Prep through 12th grade, learn the joy and virtue of creative work as image-bearers of our creative God.  Our curriculum breaks art into age-appropriate skills, beginning  in kindergarten with using scissors on a line, or learning about how colors mix together, moving to drawing accurate perspective in sixth grade and far beyond. Success in the Art room is not determined by talent, but is built over the years by visiting and revisiting the same approachable skills, so that when students are given a "big idea" project, they are equipped to express themselves and create freely. 

Students in Kinder Prep through 6th grade enjoy weekly classes where they learn the fundamentals of art theory, observe a wide variety of art from history, and practice techniques in drawing, painting, sculpting and printmaking.  Several classes visit the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art to experience artworks in person.

Upper School students, from casual or first-time to advanced artists, can pursue Visual Arts through an annual rotation of classes, from Drawing and Painting, to Lithography, to Ceramics and Sculpture. Seniors at Whitefield study Art History as a core class, and are invited to create a completely self-designed capstone project, and create a portfolio if they desire to pursue Art at the college level.

Since 2011, Mr. Matt Appling has formed and taught the Fine Arts curriculum at Whitefield. He loves creating thoughtful and meaningful projects, so that each student can find success and feel pride in their work. Mr. Appling holds a BA in Studio Art and a Masters of Divinity, and keeps busy with his own art-making, preaching on a regular basis, participating in Spartan races, and raising his two boys who attend Whitefield.

You'll see student art proudly displayed, beautifying the halls of Whitefield. Each student has a piece of art work displayed for parents and grandparents to enjoy at our annual Spring Art Show!

View the Spring Art Show

Mr. Appling - Visual Arts Teacher

Our daughter likes being challenged, she likes talking about "real" things with her classmates, and searching for truth. She never wants to leave the art program at Whitefield.  It is wonderful!  Whitefield Parent

"The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.”

– Aristotle


Sculpture Project
Art History Trip