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Storytelling That Develops Confidence

Theater is taught at Whitefield as a means of practicing oratory skills and public speaking. Students begin to see the literature they have been studying, not just as words on a page, but living characters each with their own story to tell.  

As actors, students are challenged to step out of their comfort zones and into the shoes of another.  They learn the concepts of stage presence, physical movement, voice control, character development, self-discipline, collaboration and have the opportunity to grow in confidence speaking before an audience.

Students also have opportunities behind-the-scenes in set design, make-up and costuming, and sound and lighting.

Our 8th grade class performs the Greek tragedy Antigone each Fall, while 9th-12th grade students have the opportunity to participate in a Shakespeare performance each Spring. Upper School students also enjoy theater related elective opportunities to further develop their acting skills.

Shakespeare's The Tempest 2024

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Antigone Performance 2023

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