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Our Teachers

Whitefield teachers are highly educated in their fields of study and genuine in their walk with the Lord.  They forge meaningful relationships with students, sharing wisdom and supporting students as mentors.

Teachers With Students
First Grade Teacher
Humanities Teacher
Science Teacher
Latin Teacher

Hear From Upper School Teachers

Mr. Peng - Math & Science

Dr. Rabe - Latin & Greek

Mr. Stewart - Humanities, Logic, Debate

Mrs. Evans - Spanish & Math

For learning to take place, "the teacher must love the student and the student must be teachable" - Augustine

Veltkamp Family

What we have seen in our children, especially since graduating, is an incredible depth of understanding of God, His Kingdom, and His world; a breadth of knowledge in so many diverse subjects; and ability to communicate effortlessly with anyone about anything.

Dziedzic Family

One of the things that sets Whitefield apart is how they believe children can learn difficult things but they also celebrate and protect childhood. The kids work hard academically but they play, they laugh, they are allowed to be kids!

Dziedzic Family

Whitefield caught our eye because it was a top-tier academic institution, a classical education, and a distinctly Christian one. A year later, we couldn’t be happier that we chose Whitefield. It stands apart as a truly special place, offering an environment where our kids are challenged while constantly being reminded of God’s love for them.